We are sending out products EVERY day of the week. We aim to have your order dispatched within 36 hours of being placed, but if you need something quicker due to an emergency please don’t hesitate to contact us, we can always sort something out.

If you are interested in being a retailer for ourselves, please contact us!

The delivery cost is related to the amount that you order and where you’d like it delivering to.

Ordering online is the quickest option. Simply visit our website at www.beesafesupplies.com and choose what you require. All online payments are safe and secure.

Not at all. Order what you require and we will give you a price. The more you order though, the better the deals!

Orders can be amended on the day of ordering hassle free. If it is after the day the order has been placed, more than likely your product will already be on its way to you, but we can always add another order for another date.

We strive to ensure that you, our valued customer, are happy and content at all times. If our product is not what you expected or not 100% to your liking please contact us, we will do our upmost to refund you for any product that can be returned to us in its original packaging and condition. If there is an issue with the product we will of course be able to offer a full refund or send out the duplicate goods to you.

Simply put, YES! The larger your order the cheaper each unit becomes. For bespoke orders please contact us directly.

Not only a no, but even better than that, by purchasing from us you are helping the UK to produce more and more Honey Bees!

All of our bee products are 100% organic and natural, meaning that there are no toxins in any of our products. And when our bees aren’t working to help make our fantastic products, they are continually helping to pollinate our beautiful Peak District countryside.

About SafeSan

SafeSan is 0% alcohol!

All of our products are made in a way which ensures that they are all completely non-toxic and environmentally friendly. For full details please see our MSDS (material safety data sheets).

Try and keep your SanSafe out of direct sunlight, and in a cool dry place.

Our product contains no allergens, however in the unlikely event that you experience any soreness or reaction, please immediately stop using the product. If the problem persists, please contact your doctor.

Where to find our products?

You can buy Bee Safe Supplies on our online shop at www.beesafesupplies.com.

Bee Safe Supplies is also stocked in many local independent health and zero waste shops.

About SafeSurface

Yes! We sell 2.5L and 5L containers to make this more convenient, and we even sell fogger machines to make us a one-stop shop!

Yes! Our product kills 99.99% of bacteria and coronavirus too. Tough on germs but kind to the environment!

SafeSurface comes in 750ml, 2.5L and 5L containers. All our containers are recyclable and reusable.