I decided to start this gorgeous business because I have worked in harsh industries for a very long time.

Seeing the products, which are used in many areas, containing a lot of unnecessary chemicals was frustrating.

Staff, employees and visitors were using the products but were unaware of how they were impacting not only themselves but also our environment.

I have been working on products that I would use myself on a daily basis and I have tried to ensure that the whole product is ethically sourced including the contents and the packaging. I am continually striving to improve.

The customers that we supply are aware of their impact on the environment and have expressed a realistic goal of reducing it.

With each product that you buy some of the proceeds go towards improving the environment and something that I adore about this business is our intention to increase the general bee population.

This may include planting flowers, seeds and trees but also buying hives and colonies of bees. Ensuring responsible bee keeping and using the wax, honey and comb as a sustainable ingredient in as many of our products as possible.

Meet our ever growing lovely BeeSafe team


Dan, Lisa, Charlie & Amy