Help Our Pollinators

Bees, butterflies, beetles, and all sorts of other bugs as well as mammals are very important pollinators and without them nothing would grow, nothing would fruit and our eco-system would fall into absolute chaos.

So Why Are Pollinators So Important?

Insects and other animal pollinators are vital to the production of healthy crops for food, fibers, edible oils, medicines, and other products. The commodities produced with the help of pollinators generate significant income for producers and those who benefit from a productive agricultural community. Pollinators are also essential components of the habitats and ecosystems that many wild animals rely on for food and shelter.

In order for plants to reproduce and survive they need pollinators and we need a healthy ecosystem in order to survive, this is why it is so important we look after our local pollinators and help them to thrive.

Pollinators Need Our Help

Many pollinators, especially bees, are in trouble, their numbers are declining and some species are even endangered. The reason is a mixture of the following; climate change, reduced nesting and feeding habitats and pollution. The excessive use of chemicals such as pesticides and synthetic fertilisers and increased diseases due to an imbalance in the ecosystem it also a major contributor to the decline in pollinators.


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